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Feb 13

1 Year Free Gold membership for 20 Beta Testers

Posted by Admin in Untagged 

As JoomLancers V3.0 still runs in beta stage, thus we do appreciate your assistance in reviewing the whole system to detect any possible bug or things that need changes for better operation. Due to V3.0 private development, our system will require account authentication to log in, thus we assign username and password you currently use on so that you can start exploring the V3.0 instantly.

We know each of minute you spend on our V3.0 are extremely valuable, thus we would like to express our sincere thanks to your contribution by granting Gold membership 12 months for 20 Top contributors. Your contributions are evaluated on the basis of number of serious bug reports and feature proposals you might have at the end of V3 private testing period.

We do wish you have a nice time exploring the new V3.0 and inform us all your findings as soon as possible.

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Bugs again
written by osjoomla, March 05, 2009
visit at here please

See at OSJOOMLA, where are my reviews? That is a bug.

And one more thing, after i place a bid. It doesn't appear, only showing when i refresh the page. One a big problem, please fix it ASAP.

And template problems in IE8 which i sent you some days ago. I see you fixed for it, that report in top first 20 reports. So will i have a Gold Member receipt from you?

Bugs and Bugs ...
written by Joomla_Dude, March 05, 2009
1. Here on this page, the REPORT A BUG NOW link appears to be broken.

2. Im a sponsor member,but im not able to post contact info o my BIDS or PMs. Even if there is a website URL on the bids or pms,it says, AN EMAIL ADDRESS IS THERE as the error message.

3. The Yahoo Contact info,doesnt take the common yahoo tag of normal YAHOO ID> It says,INVALID YAHOO FORMAT and we have to enter [email protected] ,which is itself the wrong format for YAHOO..
It should allow just joomlaservices and then only,the contact can show,whether im online or not. This way,it will always show offline.

4. The system doesnt allow BB TAGS in the BIDS now. Earlier it used to do it and it was nice. Now,it just doesnt do that.

Thanks,let me know,when its fixed...
One more Bug
written by Joomla_Dude, March 05, 2009
For the HELP page,I think,you are using EASY FAQ component from AZRUL. Ok in there,just switch off the ALLOW USERS TO MAKE NEW ITEM ,so that we users should not be able to post or make new FAQ.

Only admins should have this permission,so that you wont get spammed.
written by lamvt, March 06, 2009
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: jroute_() in /home/jwjl/public_html/components/com_jl_project/controllers/rating.php on line 211
written by lamvt, March 06, 2009

Fix it pls
written by lamvt, March 06, 2009
written by lamvt, March 06, 2009
#other-info .tbl-fd th { (line 237)
border:1px solid #D7ECF6;
padding:2px 4px; /***padding:2px 10px; **/
Bugs and Bugs ...
written by Joomla_Dude, March 09, 2009
Just tested the syswtem with my secretary's Buyer ID and she is not able to invite any freelancer for her project,when she goes to someone's profile. Earlier it was so easy to do it.. Now,it seems ,there is no such option..

And when viewing other profile,it shows their accout info like,

Gold Memb expires on __march,2009
Sponsor Memb expires on xx jan,2019

All thse info should only be visible to the member himself...
written by Joomla_Dude, March 09, 2009
While inviting providers to any project ,

it says,

Sucessfully invite &#xli;st_providers% to bid on XXXXXXXXXX Project...

Spelling and grammatical mistake first of all..

And it seems, &#xli;st_providers% has not been defined...
use HTML CSS code in PMB.
written by lamvt, March 09, 2009
Allow Us to Help You
written by lamvt, March 10, 2009
My name LAMVT but my PMB:
SKype Contact Error for Sponsor Members..
written by Joomla_Dude, March 15, 2009
Here is another bug...

Im a sponsor member and when Im posting my contact details in a project,then the SKYPE page shows correct as ONLINE , but its linked to some other user..

You can check this pic.

When you click on that marked area,it connects it to a different user called, "searlc_bovorn"

Why is that??
It should link to my "joomlaservices" ID only..

Kindly fix this,as Im losing 2 clients for this same reason..
written by pedroxe, March 21, 2009
when trying to edit or add more info of a project:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getfileattachments() in /home/jwjl/public_html/components/com_jl_project/controllers/myproject.php on line 1928
other bug
written by pedroxe, March 21, 2009
search for a user to invite to place a bid, result must be only one user, so only one result, select the check box corresponding to the username, "0 providers are selected", select the box for all results, "1 provider is selected"
written by pedroxe, March 21, 2009
why i can't invite a programmer when checking his profile page??

after inviting a programaer from the provider list the project becomes "private status" why? of course not! is for everyone pllus the invited programmer
question and answers??
written by pedroxe, March 22, 2009
some user has made a question in my project how can i answer him?
Can't upload avatar
written by Networkhosting, March 24, 2009
It seems like I need some permissions to upload my avatar to my profile...

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