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Jan 18

Welcome to the JoomLancers V3.0!

Posted by Admin in joomla

Today we are happy to announce that the upgrade of to V3.0 has been almost completed. Although many new features are being developed behind the screen, at the first stage of V3, we will try to keep all basic features for the convenience of database converting.

 As on the demo page, you can easily recognize some highlights of the new version:

New Look!

  • Refresh with the new elegant look
  • Visualized project filter
  • Professional project¬† listing!

Work flow improved! Better features for buyer & freelancer to work together

  • Credit-based subscription. Bids are even more serious with the new credits systems
  • Invoice feature. Download your invoice for any transaction
  • Security enhanced. Verify your phone to increase the trust for your account
  • Instant chat tool. Project Message board
  • Hassle-free bid manager and watch-list
  • Enriched member profile
  • Informative rating and score record

Some upcoming features change

  • Test & Certificate center.
  • Forum, Blogs & Community features; not just business, you are going enjoy funs here at JoomLancers.
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Need Improvement
written by vbsoftindia, March 15, 2009
Sites looks good compare to earlier but functionality wise new version has to improve lot.
This should be completed as soon as possible so that end user will not face much difficult to work with your site.
There are many new features which are not highlighted to users.

Kunjan Desai

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