1 Year Free Gold membership for 20 Beta Testers

Posted by: Admin in Untagged  on Feb 13, 2009

As JoomLancers V3.0 still runs in beta stage, thus we do appreciate your assistance in reviewing the whole system to detect any possible bug or things that need changes for better operation. Due to V3.0 private development, our system will require account authentication to log in, thus we assign username and password you currently use on JoomLancers.com so that you can start exploring the V3.0 instantly.

We know each of minute you spend on our V3.0 are extremely valuable, thus we would like to express our sincere thanks to your contribution by granting Gold membership 12 months for 20 Top contributors. Your contributions are evaluated on the basis of number of serious bug reports and feature proposals you might have at the end of V3 private testing period.

We do wish you have a nice time exploring the new V3.0 and inform us all your findings as soon as possible.

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