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How to cancel and terminate a project

** For project you have not selected a Provider

If your project is still in bidding process on JoomLancers and you do not expect to have the project done, you could leave the project automatically closed after the expire of bidding period. You are charged NO fee for having your project closed.

If your project has closed without choosing a Provider, you could re-open the project again at your end if it has not exceeded 7 (seven) days since the closing date of bidding period. Otherwise, you are required to post the project again.

** For project you have selected a Provider

During project implementation, both you and Provider are entitled to submit a request for project cancellation. You can do so following steps below:

  1. Sign in your Buyer account on JoomLancers.
  2. Choose My Projects> My Awarded Projects tab in horizontal menu
  3. Locate the project and click Request to cancel

Once you request a cancellation, your Provider has 7 days to respond to your request. During this responding time, you may discuss with your Provider via PM/email and sort out a solution to continue the project.

Due to the fact that the Provider may have finished certain volume of work under your project, thus clarification from both parties will be required and your cancellation request can not be processed instantly.

Both parties are encouraged to have all issues settled down in an amicable manner.



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