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How to add fund to work-phase account to fullfil Project Agreement

In order to add fund to work-phase account to fullfil Project Agreement, please follow steps below:

  1. Sign in your Buyer account on Joomlancers
  2. Select My Projects > My Frozen Projects  tab in horizontal menu
  3. Locate the project and click View Project Agreement link
  4. In Project Agreement detail page, click Accept button
  5. Then check box I agree to add to work-phase and click Continue (Please make sure you have sufficient money in your balance)

** Note: The fund will be available in your work-phase account, instead of your Provider account. The Provider only receives the fund after you release the amount from this work-phase account. In general, this method helps the Buyer to be sure about the result of project, while the Provider knows that the fund for project is available.


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Saturday, 28 February 2009
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