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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

Purchasing Featured option

Featured Projects

Most of Buyers can save their money by selecting the option for their project.

Typical benefits of a Featured project:

1. Featured project are highlighted with different colour background
2. Providers do not have to pay Featured project commission fee. They can bid with lower price
3 . Providers can post their contact info on Buyer's Message Board for direct  communication
4. Featured project proves that you can guarantee the payment (Eg: You can deposit fund into Escrow)
5. More lower bids and generally higher quality bids from Providers, as you show your commitment to pro transactions and serves as proof that you dedicate to successful projects.

How much you have to pay?
For Featured project, you are charged with a small fee of $20.

How to post a "Featured project" or upgrade your current project to Featured?
In order to add "Featured project" to your project, you simply check the Featured option checkbox at "Project Listing options" section when posting project. You can also upgrade the project to Featured project in Project management area

Featured project fee ($20) will be refundable should the following conditions are met

  1.  Number of received bids are less than 10
  2.  And no bid is selected upon expiry date


Bold and Red



Bold and Red Option
Highlight posted projects in Bold + Red for only $10



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