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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

How to post a project

Follow steps below to post a project on JoomLancers:

  1. Sign in your Buyer account
  2. Click Post Your Project tab at top of the page
  3. Fill in required information in the Project form
  4. ** Note: You could add different options to your project for free including Gold Member, Hide bidding, Private, Location, Non-public

                 Or highlight your projects with Feature option or Bold and Red

    ** Glossary:

  • Featured: Featured project is listed on top of JoomLancers. Providers can post their contact information on Webmasters Message Board so that their can contact directly out off Joomlancers each other.
  • Gold Member: Only Gold Provider can bid on the type of project so that Buyer can get serious Providers who want to do the project.
  • Hide bidding: All information on bids are kept hidden from public view. This is a good option for Buyers to get a good Provider for their project. Providers can see their own bid only so they have to give you good price and time base on their experiences.
  • Private: Only Provider who receive invitation from by the owner of project (the Buyer) can bid.
  • Location: Only Providers whose locations are listed in the project by the project owner (the Buyer) can bid.
  • Non-public: Buyer can protect his project information off Search Engine Spiders so that members of JoomLancers can view the type of project only.


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