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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

Project Options and how does they affect the project

Featured project: Most of Buyers can save their money by select the options for their project. With Featured project, Providers can post their contact information on Project Message Board so that their can contact directly out off JoomLancers each other

Gold Member project: Only Gold Member Providers can bid on the type of project so that Webmaster can get serious Providers who want to do the project

project: Sponsor project is a project that Buyer is entitled to post his contact details in the project which helps to facilitate successful project bidding.

Hide bidding project: This is a good option for Buyers to get a good Provider for their project. Providers can see their own bid only so they have to give you good price and time base on their experiences.

Non-public project: With Nonpublic projects, buyer can protect your project information off Search Engine Spiders so that members of JoomLancers can view the type of project only. .

If you do not want your project or the details of your project revealed on the search engine then this option is the perfect choice. It is not good to let others know how you get your website designed or programmed anyway. And if you are doing a work for your client, business privacy is of high important

Private project: Only Providers who invited by the Buyer who posted the project can bid.

Location project: Only Providers whose locations are listed in the project by the project's Buyer can bid.

Urgent! project: This project bidding period is ending in 3 days


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