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How to manage bids

You are provided with tool to follow up and classify bids that you are interested in. Please follow steps below to manage bids on your project:

  1. Sign in your Buyer account
  2. Select My Projects > My Open Projects tab on top horizontal menu
  3. Locate project you expect and click on project title
  4. Locate the bid and select Choose bid/ Ignored/ Shortlist link

** Glossary:

  • Ignored: this option allows you to deselect bids that you are not interested in. All ignored bids will be completely moved to Ignored category
  • Shortlist: this option allows you to group bids that you are intereted in. Copy of short listed bids are stored in Shortlist category for your further following up. This option helpfully eases your efforts in reviewing bids as you just need to deal with bids you have shortlisted.



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