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What difference if masspay is applied to my withdrawal?

If Refund not be applied to your withdrawal, JoomLancers will facilitate your withdrawal processing via Paypal Mass Payment.

Paypal Mass Payment is the method applied to your withdrawals, if:

  1. Withdrawal of fund paid by Buyers (Applicable for Freelancer only). OR,
  2. You request for a withdrawal of your deposit, however, the deposit is made beyond 60 days since the date of your request. OR,
  3. Your Paypal account for withdrawal is different from the one you made deposit

All withdrawals via Paypal Mass Payment are subject to verification process which might take up to 30 days in line with our anti-fraudulence procedure. In certain cases, extension of verification process will be determined at JoomLancers' discretion if necessary.

Note: You will not have to pay any fee when receiving withdrawals because JoomLancers uses Paypal Mass Payment. Find out more about Paypal Mass Payment


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Saturday, 28 February 2009
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