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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

Understand project features

Below are project options, you can view details of project with certain limitations. This will help you to decide if you would like to bid on the project.

  • Gold Member: Only Gold Provider can bid on the type of project so that Buyer can get serious Providers who want to do the project.
  • Hide bidding: Bids from other Providers are kept hidden and you can see your bid only. Please review project requirements carefully to make sure your bid is the most competitive.
  • Private: Only Providers who receive invitation from by the owner of project (the Buyer) can bid.
  • Location: Only Providers whose locations are listed in the project by the project owner (the Buyer) can bid.
  • Non-public: You can place bids on Non-public projects with No limitations. This option just aims at keeping Buyer off Search Engine Spiders. You are required to sign in your account on JoomLancers to see the project details.

Worth noting, featured listing options are also supported

  • FEATURE listing
Typical benefits of a Featured project with small cost of $20:
  1. Featured project are highlighted with different colour background
  2. Providers do not have to pay Featured project commission fee. They can bid with lower price
  3. Providers can post their contact info on Buyer's Message Board for direct  communication
  4. Featured project proves that you can guarantee the payment (Eg: You can deposit fund into Escrow)
  5. More lower bids and generally higher quality bids from Providers, as you show your commitment to pro transactions and serves as proof that you dedicate to successful projects.

The fee $20 will be refundable if the following conditions are met:

  1. Number of received bids are less than 10
  2. And no bid is selected upon expiry date
  • Bold and Red Option

Highlight posted projects in Bold + Red for only $10





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