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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

How to place a bid

In order to search projects and place a bid, please follow steps below:

  1. Sign in your Provider account
  2. Click Find works
  3. A full list of open projects will be rolled out
  4. Hover the mouse over one by one to search for the matching one
  5. Click on the tittle of the project then click Place bid
  6. Make sure you have enough credits to bid on that project

You could also find projects by inserting your criteria into the Search box on the right hand then Enter to view the results

You can also use Project Filter tools  to sort out the search results:

 - Project categories:  Defaults by All. Select the appropriate skills to view the results

- Bidding time:  Defaults by Any.  Move the arrow to view the results

- Posted date: Defaults by Any. Move the arrow to view the results

- Budget range:  Defaults by Any. Move the arrow to view the results

- Project type: Defaults by All. Check appropriate box to sort

- Project Status: Default by Open


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