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What information in Project Agreement should be paid attention to

Below are some common recommendations you should pay attention to when reviewing Project Agreement submitted by the Provider. We highly recommend you be specific to make sure that both parties do not underestimate scope of work:

  1. General statement: May include some general statement about scope of work to group the project's requirements into categories (Ex: component development, template design etc.)
  2. What you are required to do: Should be in a list with number. This is to make sure the bid is for the whole not for a part of the project. This also help you to make sure that the Provider exactly evaluates what you require.
  3. Indicate available materials: Confirm with the Provider all materials that are available and who will furnish such materials so that both parties could evaluate the actual volume of work and appropriate timeframe for the project.
  4. Turn-around/Communication: Should specify schedule and methods (via telephone, email etc.) for regular report
  5. Number of drafts: This depends on specific projects. For instance, in design area, it should be clear with number of drafts to narrow themes of design.
  6. Payment terms: Be specific about method, schedule and condition for payment processing
  7. Complete deliverables: Be specific about definition of delivery and closing date of delivery (Ex: 2p.m JoomLancers server time, 25th June 2007). The definition of delivery helps to define when the delivery is deemed to be completed, for instance, upon non-bugs running on the Provider's demo site, or upon installation and non-bugs running on the Buyer's site etc. The definition should be based on scope of work described in Project Agreement.
** Note: The above-mentioned guidelines just act as a common framework for reference only. The Project Agreement should be reviewed at your own judgment in line with your specific project.



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