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What types of fee you are charged when using JoomLancers service

It is FREE to create a Provider account on JoomLancers. However, there are some types of fee applicable in the following cases:

  1. Gold Membership fee: Just applicable if you upgrade your account into Gold status. See the benefits of Gold status
  2. Credit fee: applicable when you place bids. You need purchase credit package in order to have permission to place bids on JoomLancers
  3. Project Commision: Just applicable for accounts without Gold status. For each project on JoomLancers that you win bidding, 10% (ten percent) of project value will be deducted from your account.
  4. Project fee: Just applicable for when you and the buyer do not use JoomLancers payment method. 5% (five percent) of project value (min USD5) will be deducted from your account.
  5. Withdrawal fee: JoomLancers will apply a small fee on each sucessful withdrawal request as follows:
    • Bank Wire: USD35/withdrawal request. Please note that this is processing fee deducted by JoomLancers. All banking fees (if any) are for your account.
    • Moneybookers: USD1/withdrawal request. Please note that this is charged by Moneybookers. You will not have to pay any other fee when receiving money.
    • PayPal: it is FREE! No fee is applied.
  6. Deposit fee: applicable when you deposit the fund into your account on JoomLancers (i.e to pay JoomLancers...).
    • PayPal and Credit Card via PayPal, the total fee you have to pay is (3.9% + US$ 0.30)/Deposit and this fee is for PayPal's beneficiary, not for JoomLancers.
    • Moneybookers: the total fee (cost: 3.5% + 0.37)/ Deposit and this fee is for Moneybooker's beneficiary, not for JoomLancers.
    • Bank Wire: the fee may differ depending on each bank's policy.

** Note: Your account is permitted to hold negative balance within 30 days. Beyond this period, your account will be temporarily put into pending status and only be re-activated when negative balance is cleared.


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