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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

How ratings affect your score

JoomLancers maintains Rating and Score as significant tools to assess performance of each user on the site.

The ratings significantly show comments on the user performance for each specific project. The Score indicates the total weighted project value that each user has completed during his performance on JoomLancers.

The Score of each Provider determines his rank on JoomLancers. The top rank holder has the largest score. The formula below shows how our Score system works:

Formula to score Provider

Provider's score =Sum(Positive_earnings)(1) - 1*Sum(Neutral_earnings)(2) - 2*Sum(Negative_earnings)(3)

(1)Total Escrow Amount of all Projects that Provider has got with positive feedback
(2) Total Escrow Amount of all Projects that Provider has got with neutral feedback
(3)Total Escrow Amount of Projects that Provider has got with negative feedback
Projects could be under either canceled or completed status provided that the feedbacks for Provider within the project(s) have been published. View example

How to classify Positive/Neutral/Negative earnings?

It is determined by the average rating that a buyer give provider under each project which varies from 1 to 10. The earnings are classified as follows:

Positive rating
Neutral rating
Negative rating
Average rating ranges from 8-10 Average rating ranges from 6-8
Average rating ranges from 1 to 6

Example of how SCORE works?

Provider X has 5 projects that have received ratings from buyers. His score could be calculated as follows:

Project # Escrow amount ($) Buyer's Average ratings Adjusted ratings
#1 3000 8.5 positive
#3 1500 6.7 neutral
#5 2000 5.5 negative
             Provider X's SCORE= Sum(3000+5000) - 1*(1500+200) - 2* 2000 = 2300


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