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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

How you know your bid is selected

Should Buyer select your bid, we keep you notified via:

  1. A notification will be automatically sent to you.
  2. Your Account control panel: My Bids shortcut menu

You are required to respond to the Buyer, either Approve or Deny, following steps below:

  1. Sign in your Provider account
  2. Select My Bids> Chosen Bids tab in horizontal menu
  3. Locate the project and click Accept Project/Deny Project

** Note:: when you click Accept Project, you are required to upload a Project Agreement which includes milestones, scope of work and other terms under the project. The project is marked Awarded and work begins only after buyer and you mutually agree on all terms and conditions of Project Agreement you submitted.


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