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What kind of Milestones should I provide when uploading Project Agreement?

Milestones are important points in the life of the project. JoomLancers's Project Agreement feature allows you to create individual milestones where you can negotiate deliverables, delivery dates and payments for a project. Buyer and service provider must include the payment amount associated each of the milestones. If the buyer and service provider decide that entire payment should be made on final delivery of all items, only enter in the final milestone and the full payment amount. Regardless of how you set up the milestones, the final amount listed must be equal to or greater than the bid amount.

JoomLancers's milestone feature allows you to add unlimited milestones. If you have deliverables that are not associated with a payment, you will want to include those in the Statement of Work (SOW) within your contract, and upload them to your Private Message Board (PMB).

Examples of milestones:

Logo design example: Delivery Date Amount
Milestone 1: Start fee deposit (today's date) $75
Milestone 2: 6 concepts 10 Nov 2006 $75
Milestone 3: 1st Revision of chosen concept 15 Nov 2006 $75
Milestone 4: 2nd Revision of chosen concept 20 Nov 2006 $75
Final: Delivery of final print-ready files 24 Nov 2006 $100
Total:   $400

Microsoft Access example: Delivery Date Amount
Milestone 1: Initial schema design 10 Nov 2006 $200
Milestone 2: Implementation 15 Nov 2006 $200
Milestone 3: QA 24 Nov 2006 $200
Final: Release/Final Product 30 Nov 2006 $200
Total:   $800


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