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What happen if Payment for a project is made outside JoomLancers

If payment for a project is made outside JoomLancers (Not using JoomLancer work-phase Payment):

  1. An additional fee of 5% of project value (Min: $5) will be applied for project not using JL Escrow Payment. This is the only way JL system protects itself from fake projects and reviews
  2. Both buyer and Provider can still rate each other but Earning and Scores will not be given to Provider account (JoomLancer has no way to certify that it is not a fake project created to get review)
  3. Project cancellation and dispute will not be resolved (JoomLancers have no way to resolve if there is a dispute, we have no work-phase Money account to refund or compensate for the lost, time and working effort)


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Saturday, 28 February 2009
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