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What type of Status for projects on JoomLancers

Projects on JoomLancers are marked with following status:

  1. Open: stands for Projects which are still in bidding time
  2. Close: stands for Projects which bidding time expires and no Provider is selected
  3. Frozen: stands for Projects which Buyer has selected a bid and is awaiting for reply from the selected Provider. The Provider may approve or deny the selection. In case of approval, the Provider will submit Work Agreement to the Buyer. The status Frozen still remains when Work Agreement has not been agreed and the Buyer has not added project amount to escrow account.
  4. Awarded: stands for Projects which Work Agreement has been mutually agreed by both Buyer and Provider and full project amount has been available in escrow account.
  5. Completed: stands for Projects which are successfully implemented and completed in terms of deliverables, payment and rating


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