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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

How to secure a successful project with My Buyer

When implementing projects on JoomLancers, Project Agreement and work-phase Payment are tools to help secure yourself for a successful project.

Project Agreement

In a common conflict, the Buyer claims "We have discussed on these extra things!", whereas the Provider claims "I could not do such things within that small budget, the Buyer continuously asks for more!".

Can we avoid all these kinds of dispute? Yes, certainly!. We can do, with a specific Project Agreement. Learn What information in Project Agreement should be paid attention to. Please make sure you and the Buyer entirely read through and mutually agree all terms in Project Agreement.

Tips!: From our practice, one of the most effective ways is to group tasks into work phases and specify each phase clearly in Project Agreement (i.e milestones). Communication schedule and payment process base on each work phase. In case of serious dispute (if any), the losses may be the least.

Work-phase Payment

Work-phase Payment acts as a guarantee that the fund for project is available. The Buyer will release the fund when you complete works (work phase) stipulated in Project Agreement. The fund is returned to the Buyer only when you deny it.

The key point is that both parties should mutually define conditions for work-phase amount release. The fund is to be released to you when those conditions are met.



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