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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

What benefits for a Gold Provider

With Gold membership, Provider will gain great benefits when conducting business on JoomLancers as follows:

  • More Pro & Remarkable with Gold Member Gold Members sign.
  • Top 10 Gold Providers are marked with 10 Gold Members sign.
  • Besides 10 innitial Credit bonus as Standard member, you get 20 additional Credits bonus per month as GOLD
  • No 10% commissions of total project value charged perĀ  awarded project.
  • No 10% commissions of total value charged per transfer transaction
  • More reliable as Gold member have a long term commitment in
  • Save money as Frequent Service Providers
  • Bid lower as you don't pay any commissions.
  • More business with the Gold status.
  • Only a small monthly fee of $10 for a Gold membership

What are the Gold Members and Top 10 Gold Members members?

Icons Description
Gold Members This Provider /Buyer is Gold member of JoomLancers. Gold members are usually more reliable since they have a long term business with
10 Gold Members Top 10 Providers . This Provider is not only "Gold member" but is also ranked as one of the "Top 10 Providers" on the site. Top 10 Providers are ranked with our Score System.


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