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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

How JoomLancers works

JoomLancers is an online service that connects Joomla! / Drupal/ Oscommerce Providers with Buyers that need custom Joomla! / Drupal/ Oscommerce projects done for their websites. Much like an auction, programming projects are posted and interested Providers bid on them. At

Buyers who are desperately looking for talented web developers to outsource their projects/works can:
-    Register & create professional profiles as a buyer account free of charge
-    FREE to post standard projects for receiving bids from thousands of talented professionals or small web development corporate
-    FREE to search and browse professional  profiles of  39,679 featured web developers and send bid invitations
-    Enjoy advanced user control panel for financial management, transaction history, messages, profiles, etc
-    Enjoy smart notifications for new bids, new messages and system of project management

 More FAQs about buyers

Providers who are excellent at web development and want to offer services can:
-    Register & create professional profiles as a provider free of charge
-    Enjoy 10 FREE credits for placing bids monthly
-    Flexible to pay us a small commission of 10% of won project value or subscribe to Gold membership of 10$ per month for commission waiver
-   FREE to verify professional skills via testing system powered by ExpertRating - global credited service
-    Enjoy advanced user control panel for financial management, transaction history, messages, profiles, etc
-    Enjoy smart online notifications for new projects, new messages and system of bid management

More FAQs about providers

How does it work?

Buyer is required to send money to Joomlancers only when he decides to start a project and after final agreement has been uploaded. The money for project shall be credited to his balance on Joomlancers instantly per success. Then, he can choose one of the below methods to pay the providers: 
-    Transfer the whole money from his balance to selected providers for the project right away
-    Send the amount into the workphase source, guarantee the payment for a specific Provider per mutual project agreement. The money is  deducted from buyer’s balance on Joomlancers but not yet reflected at Provider’s account.  Provider can get the money only after full delivery of work done.

All of above project payment options are offered to all users as an advanced, non-compulsory, free of charge method to help projects get completed smoothly. Joomlancers encourages its users to send and receive money with the workphase method because it's another great way to make sure everyone gets what they want from a project. 

Read more about "Work-phase payments".

All payments and transactions on Joomlancers are made in US$ and all fees chargeable by payment gateway must be covered at users’ expense to get services done via Joomlancers. 


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