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Find answers about JoomLancers read how it works for providers and buyers.

Ten should do and should not do for Buyer

Top ten should do:
  • Do research on relevant projects posted on Joomlancers and if you are not sure about the technical terms, you should ask for experts consultation before posting projects. This asures your projects will address exactly what you need and attract more qualified bids.
  • Set clear your requirements in specific details and include definition on what the deliverables are. Include attached files to deliver the full details of your project requirements and samples (if any) to give better illustration for what you require.
  • Specify a realistic budget to attract accurate and quality bids. If you are unsure how much your project should cost, leave it blank.
  • Check and save your project before posting as you may need to revise or edit later.
  • Monitor the bid via message board and raise questions to bidders to learn more about their relevant knowledge in the area of your project.
  • Request for Provider approach which details how he handles the project and what resources he uses.
  • Confirm that Provider is clear about the key terms: scope of work, payment and delivery terms.
  • Specify numbers of drafts and revisions and the timelines for submitting drafts and deliverables (from the date bidding has ended). This will help you to stay on track and keep to your timeline.
  • Request timely reports and follow up the progress of project which will save you from having to go back, waste time and fix things.
  • Quickly give comments on the freelancer work to encourage his great job or to give correction to the work (if any).

Top ten should not do:
  • Do not give unclear and unspecific descriptions in your project requirements.
  • Do not under-estimate the time it takes to adequately cover each part of project and under-estimate scope of work.
  • Do not post projects in wrong category as interested bidders may fail to search your projects.
  • Do not post projects that are fake, without the intention to award or complete the project or post only to receive pricing information.
  • Do not criticize a bidder's qualifications or quality of work.
  • Do not be misled by professionalism in wording as some experienced service providers are well-controlled of the description on their profile.
  • Do not ride roughshod over the bidders ideas
  • Do not scan just low bid amount when seeking for the winning bid.
  • Do not request communication all the time as it costs freelancers valuable time for doing project.
  • Do not violate the Joomlancers terms and conditions.


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