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I am not the only one themespot has taken money and walked away from. In my case, he tried to use a free template to fill a custom project. Rrather than create an argument with him I requested the agreed upon second mockup for the template; with specific color, column and body style. He never responded. After he ignored daily emails & IM, I sent an email to explain what my actions would be. His response was that negative feedback would be reciprocated. He made no attempt to address the issue, but rather used his response as a threat to effect my reputation . I’ve not heard from him again, but I have watched his ratings drop. My first two projects were done to try and find a steady, stable subcontractor for approx 10k per month. I wound up using a different freelancer site to find my current developer, so his negative feedback will have no effect on me. Please Read the latest reviews on him. Message me for a complete record of all correspondence concerning this transaction On project Convert colors/theme