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Human Resources Solution Website  

A company based in Lebanon is seeking to develop a website for its HR Solution similar to

Joomla template is available, however provider can propose to prepare graphics or not depending on expertise.

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  • Posted on: 23/May/2020 at 23:05:12
  • Status:open - Budget:Any budget
  • Deducted credit:1
  • Bids duration: To 30/May/2020 at 23:05:12
  • Time left for bidding:N/A
  • Job types: Templates Design/Development - 
  • Location: Provider can be from any country
  • Listed in: Joomla Post a similar project in Joomla

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US $ 700.00
8 days View/Post PM

Proficient and creative Joomla developers with a strong history in website management and development. Experienced in SEO and PPC campaign creation. Expert in all aspects of Joomla website creation, including design, plug-ins, and implementation.

Skilled in creating engaging and interactive websites. Excel at team projects and leadership. Detail-oriented and knowledgeable in various programming languages. Dedicated to superior customer service at all levels from the first meeting with a client to the website maintenance after launch.


- Build websites using Joomla.

- Prepare website proposals to present to clients.

- Provide technical support to clients.

- Write coding using HTML and CSS.

- Design new features for existing websites.

- Act as the company expert in creating PPC and Google AdWords  campaigns to be integrated with new website builds.

- Customize themes to meet clients’ requirements.

- Manage a user guide to help clients understand site features and  management of website to increase visitor satisfaction.

- Work on a new mobile development project to expand the company into mobile website development services.

Bid ID:1183311799 - Bid time:26/May/2020 at 12:25:18 Report
US $ 1000.00
10 days View/Post PM

Having extensive experience in Joomla development and designing, bug fixing, troubleshooting and maintenance also have a great knowledge in the development of Joomla component as well as customize existing component.

Bid ID:1183311797 - Bid time:25/May/2020 at 13:22:33 Report