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Job application form points scoring system


An airline wants to employ people and have them apply for a job through their website, using the JA Jobboard component.

We want to create a scoring system which gives a score to every job application. If the score is not good enough or if certain key fields don't meet some criteria we want the system to automatically reject the application, and send a rejection email to the applicant.

The form we are using in the component is the 'Job Application' form.
Our Application form can be seen at
Click Apply to see the form.

PART 1 - The scoring system
The Application form needs to be given a score, which is obtained by adding up all the points for the fields that have points. There are points for different qualifications, and each job has different points for the same qualification.

Only a few fields have points. See screen-shot---apply_job3.jpg.
See the spreadsheet Points_Schema for an overview of all the points for all the jobs. There is a simplified version for one job, 'Station Manager' in (see below for more explanation about that).

For example for the job 'Station Manager' if the variable 'qualification' has the value 'msc' there is 1 point. And for the job 'Corporate Affairs Executives' if the variable 'qualification' has the value 'msc' there are 4 points.

You can find the points for the different jobs in the spreadsheet So cell B6 is qualification=msc and cell C6 shows that for qualification = msc the Application form for Station Manager gets 1 point. Cell H6 shows that for qualification=msc the application for Corporate Affairs Executives gets 4 points.

There are some qualifications which are absolutely necessary for the job, and if the Job Seeker doesn't have that qualification then they are disqualified.

So for example For the job application: FLIGHT CREW - TRE Captain, if the value for 'rating' is 'n' (cell B27 in the spreadsheet) the application must be disqualified (cell Q27 in the spreadsheet). In this case to show that the application form is disqualified, the variable 'selected' must be set to 0 (No) see screen-shot---apply_job4.jpg

An Application is also disqualified if the points don't add up to 10 points or more.

For example if a person applies for the Agency Manager Job (column D in the spread sheet) and they fill in the form like this:
qualification=bsc they get 3 points
workexplen=2 this means <3 so they get 1 point
age=38 this means age>=36 AND age<=40 so they get 4 points
So the total no of points they get for this application form is 3+1+4 = 8 points.
This is less than 10 points so the application must be disqualified, so the variable 'selected' must be set to 0 (No).

Another example, if A person applies for the CHIEF ENGINEERS jobb (Column J in the spread sheet) and they fill in the form like this:
qualification=faab2 they get 10 points
age 32 years this means age>=25 AND age<=55 so thety get 8 points
So the total no of points they get for this application form is 10+8 = 18 points.
This is more than 10 points so the application is qualified, and the variable 'selected' must be set to 1 (Yes).

Notice that some of the points are decided by an equation that uses a number of variables

For example:FLIGHT CREW - TRE Captain (column Q)
The application form gets 4 points (cell Q33) if (a320_hours_pic + a320_hours_fo + b767_hours_pic + b767_hours_fo) >2000 AND (a320_hours_pic +  b767_hours_pic) > 1500

Note also that Javascript can be added to each field and also variables can be referenced in the Admin area (see screen-shot---apply_job5.jpg

EXAMPLE of a job application.

Each application form needs to be tested when it is submitted for the value of some of the variables, and given points according to the test results.
I have made a kind of look-up table for one job, the Station Manager. It has the variables that need to be checked, the test to apply to the variables, the points to allocate and any other thing that needs to be done. See

When an application form has been submitted:
1. Check the type of job application
2. Create an array for that form
3. Get the look-up table for that job to get the tests for that form
4. Go through the look-up table and apply the tests one by one
5. Each time the test gives points, put the points in the array
6. If any variable has a value which is disqualified set the value of the variable 'selected' on the form to 0 and stop testing the form.
7. When you get to the end of the tests add up the points in the array
8. If points>=10 set the value of the variable 'selected' on the form variable to 1
9. If points<10 set the value of the variable 'selected' on the form to 0

Parts 2 and 3

We also want the system to send a rejection email when selection=0, and we also need to separate the application form into two parts.

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