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OS Property XML Feed Generator

We require a feed generation tool that would generate OSProperty listings. The feed would need to check every hour for any new or removed listings and update accordingly. It would also need to output in an XML format, similar to this demo:


<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>
<business-name>Sample Business Name</business-name>
<address>#1 - 123 Test Street</address>
<broker-name>Homer Simpson</broker-name>
<name-of-owner>Homer Simpson</name-of-owner>
<mailing-address>#1 - 123 Test Street</mailing-address>
<status>Limited Company</status>
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<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras vitae euismod magna, sed semper dolor. Aenean tellus felis, ornare eget luctus id, tincidunt et mi. Pellentesque metus nisi, aliquet eget aliquam at, rutrum vel nisi. Nam pulvinar dui quam, non bibendum nulla aliquam sit amet. Proin at diam semper, pellentesque eros eu, rutrum risus. Suspendisse potenti. Integer non tempus nisl, tristique egestas turpis. Vestibulum accumsan turpis elit. Donec elementum, enim sed varius malesuada, augue ipsum fermentum enim, vitae dapibus ante sapien et libero. </p>
<listing-type>For Sale By Owner</listing-type>
<region>Springfield Regional District</region>


Update to the first part ... We require a feed generation tool that would generate be based on existing and newly added OSProperty listings.

Additional Info23/Oct/2019 at 02:52:34
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  • Posted on: 22/Oct/2019 at 22:02:19
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Please check PMB

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Hi there,

Thank you for post your requirement. we have gone through your job description and we can certainly help you with your job.

I have two question in my mind. First do you want your feed to be secure or free for users. second send me the website link so that we can get a clear idea.

my Skype ID id roger.tasol kindly, contact me so that we can further move on.

we can assure you the quantity of your work please look into profile and review. If you have any doubts or query kindly contact me.

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I did lots of the same work with OS Property and confident to get this job done.

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  • veridical
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Please check your PM for more details.


Best Regards,


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