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Project title Budget Start End Bids
#1186592972 N/A
35d,0h ago.
31d,0h ago.
Joomla to Tomcat Authentication Not sure
49d,21h ago.
42d,21h ago.
Hikashop issues Not sure
69d,10h ago.
65d,10h ago.
#1186592964 N/A
73d,10h ago.
72d,10h ago.
Update custom component to Joomla 3.x < $100
88d,18h ago.
85d,18h ago.
#1186592960 N/A
101d,19h ago.
98d,19h ago.
Website too slow   < $100
116d,13h ago.
114d,13h ago.
Add a Page Class   Confidential
117d,23h ago.
110d,23h ago.
Joomla Website Upgrade $200 - $300
141d,21h ago.
139d,21h ago.
#1186592946 N/A
158d,2h ago.
151d,2h ago.
Gooten API or SDK in Joomla < $100
185d,0h ago.
178d,0h ago.
JReviews (paid listing addon) customisation Not sure
194d,16h ago.
192d,16h ago.
#1186592929 N/A
194d,19h ago.
187d,19h ago.
Custom Football Component Any budget
195d,22h ago.
190d,22h ago.
Minor joomla change Confidential
196d,14h ago.
191d,14h ago.
PSD to QUIX Page Conversions     Confidential
200d,15h ago.
197d,15h ago.
Upgrade - Carry Forward Confidential
211d,6h ago.
206d,6h ago.
Crowdfunding Platform   $1000 - $1200
217d,23h ago.
214d,23h ago.
Fix Joomla website < $100
223d,22h ago.
201d,22h ago.
Connect Joomla site with Gooten API < $100
229d,21h ago.
224d,21h ago.
Increase Performance in Site Joomla 2.5.28 < $100
230d,3h ago.
213d,3h ago.
Community Builder Migration from 1.5 & Component Modiication       Confidential
239d,0h ago.
232d,0h ago.
Increase Performance in HostGator Site Joomla 2.5.28 < $100
254d,4h ago.
246d,4h ago.
Quote System in Joomla using Google Maps < $100
256d,2h ago.
249d,2h ago.
psd to virtuemart site complete $200 - $300
256d,2h ago.
249d,2h ago.
Few issues with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla Art Job Board < $100
262d,15h ago.
259d,15h ago.
Database with search Not sure
272d,18h ago.
265d,18h ago.
#1186591777 N/A
290d,10h ago.
285d,10h ago.
EasySocial - Hikashop Pages App Confidential
293d,10h ago.
279d,10h ago.
PSD to j2store template < $100
295d,14h ago.
293d,14h ago.
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