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Email problem on virtuemart and joomla

Hello guys I have some problems with my webshop.

- register login
    they dont recive email to confirm the adress

- virtuemart
    when asking a question for a product I never recieve the email

- home page
    when first cliking on the left menu we arrive on the first categorie of  virtuemart products (the second clicking works well)

- SEF dont work

Thanks for your bids

  • Posted by: 
  • Posted on: 01/Feb/2010 at 23:55:09
  • Status:completed - Budget:Any budget
  • Deducted credit:1
  • Bids duration: To 08/Feb/2010 at 23:55:09
  • Time left for bidding:N/A
  • Job types: Templates Design/Development - 
  • Location: Provider can be from any country
  • Listed in: Joomla Post a similar project in Joomla

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Author Message
When to one of the website he made and hade a trojan on my computer, avast blocked this.
First of all . i never worked on your site and how can u say so? i will report joomlancers against this thing.