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SEF, SEO & Submission to Engines

I need to convert a handful of URLs to SEF, optimize the keywords & submit the sitemap to some engines. I am having a difficult time doing it learning as I go so I am looking for someone to walk me through it. I was using OpenSEF but my only concern is getting the task accomplished quickly. I don\'t have to continue with OpenSEF if it\'s not the best avenue. I also need to have the CB template tweaked on the same site for IE. Should be a quick job.


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  • webgobe
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The SEO part will take a bit longer... see PMB!

Bid ID:5082 - Bid time:09/Aug/2006 at 02:20:08 Report
  • consultclifford
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Bid ID:5078 - Bid time:08/Aug/2006 at 22:04:39 Report